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In today’s post, I was going to declare how grateful I was for it to be Friday.  But somehow it didn’t quite seem right.

The truth is I woke up at 4:45am so I could take a 6am spinning class.  I got up and I showed up for myself.  I’m sure many people do that every day and it’s no big deal for them.  But I don’t do that…or I haven’t.  For many years, I put myself at the bottom of the to do list, and rarely made it that far down.  Everything and everyone else was deemed more important than what I needed.

And then a doctor’s appointment two and a half months ago made me see that I needed to make some very big changes.  So I did.

I needed to learn that I was just as important as everything else in my world.  So I learned.

Today I got up and I showed up.  For myself.

And, that fills me with grace and gratitude.

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