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What to buy in case of a hurricane:

  • Water
  • Wine
  • Nutella
  • Popcorn
  • Truffle oil

Now, I know what you may be thinking.  “Oh gracious one, you forgot the dark chocolate!”  Why, yes I did.  That’s on the list for the next storm.

I look at it this way:  If the end of the world is coming, I will forgo unappetizing canned food in favor of yummy treats.  So, as storm-mageddon approached this weekend, I gave serious thought to what I would want to eat if the lights went out.

I thought back to a couple of months ago, when I met a friend for a post-work outing at the Museum of Modern Art, on 53rd Street in midtown Manhattan. After checking out the art, we made our way to The Modern, the restaurant next to the museum for a bite to eat and some wine.

What happened next blew my mind.

The bartender put a small bowl of popcorn in front of us.  “That’s the last of it, so take your time with it.”  The heavenly scent of truffles wafted through the air.

I was in love.  We devoured it.

Periodically, my mind wanders back to that bowl of truffle popcorn.  I challenged myself to make it at home for provisions.  So I did.

Now, you can microwave bagged popcorn and then add truffle oil to the finished product, but I’ve learned that making popcorn the old-fashioned way is so simple.

You just need a few ingredients:  popcorn (for one serving, I measure just under 1/4 cup, but you can increase the portion accordingly), olive oil (or truffle oil), sea salt and truffle butter.   I’m using white truffle oil and black truffle butter because that’s what I had on hand, but use whatever you’d like.

Pour about a teaspoon of oil into a pot and add about four kernels of popcorn.

With the burner on medium heat, cover the pot.

Meanwhile, put a teaspoon or two of the truffle butter into a bowl.

Melt the truffle butter.  I microwaved it for about 20 seconds.  Then add coarse sea salt to taste.  Initially I had challenges with getting the salt to stick to the popcorn when I added it directly the the popped kernels at the end, but I find that adding it to the butter works very well.  If you have truffle salt, by all means feel free to use that.  But now you’re just showing off.

Once you hear the kernels pop after a few minutes, the oil is hot enough, so uncover and take the pot off the burner and add in the rest of the kernels.  Cover the pot again.  Shake it so the oil gets distributed among all of the kernels.  Then, reminiscent of Jiffy Pop popcorn-making from our youth (well, some of us, at least), shake the pot over the burner as the kernels begin to pop.  This keeps everything moving so nothing stays long enough at the bottom to burn.

Once the popping has slowed to few seconds in between each pop, take it off the heat.  Wait a few seconds for the popping to stop completely, then uncover.

Pour the melted truffle butter over the warm popcorn.

Then enjoy the goodness.

And that, my friends, is how you ride out the hurricane.  If the popcorn lasts that long.

I’m proud of the fact that I have few vices in life.  The ones that I do have though, I am utterly addicted to.

Microwave popocorn is one of those things.  Specifically, Pop’s Corn or Newman’s Own Organics Light Butter Popcorn.  I crave it – thoroughly, completely, deeply.  The pop, pop, pop sound means that happy time is on its way.

Popocorn, especially microwave popcorn, is a tricky thing to get right.  Most brands are too salty, too artificial tasting, too greasy.  Newman’s Own Organics gets it just right.  And with 4 grams of fiber per serving, it’s actually good for you.  Well, maybe having a bag for dinner isn’t so good, as I’ve been known to do more times that I care to admit.  But it is good for the soul.  At least it is for mine.

Because it’s so much better than the stuff you get in the movie theater, I’ve on occasion smuggled a bag in on a movie night.

But let’s keep that between us.  🙂

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