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One night after work, I went for a long walk and ended up inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral near Rockefeller Center.  Everyone needs a place where they can go for a respite from the overwhelming duties of life, and this is mine.  I am not Catholic, not even particularly religious, but that doesn’t really matter.  It is a space that calls to me, offering up reverence and devotion and grace in every corner. Weekday nights are especially comforting, with the tourists back in their hotels or long since home.

It has been under construction for some time, but even with the scaffolding it is still majestically beautiful.

St Patricks Interior

At first it gave me pause to think that it has been under construction for so long, but aren’t we all?  We are all being remade every day, shaped by our difficulties and our triumphs, and somehow we too emerge more beautiful.

And, it’s always helpful to know that angels are among us wherever we turn. Seeing them in candlelight fills me with joy.

Angel in Candlelight

xo, with goodness and grace.

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