My morning commute is my least favorite part of the day. If I have a pet peeve, someone is indulging it on the subway. Nail biters, nose pickers, close breathers—you name it, I see it.

I’ve started this thing—and I know this will sound cheesy—where I meditate on the train. I just close my eyes, try my best to breathe deeply, and I focus on a calming phrase. A mantra, if you will.  It’s harder than it sounds, getting quiet in the middle of morning chaos. But, I try.

My mantra these past few months has been, let go of what no longer serves you. It’s all about making room for new things.  So, I’ve just been focusing on that on my train ride, and when I get to my stop I feel calmer and more prepared to begin my day.

One day, as I’m repeating this over and over, another thought popped into my head. It was as clear as if someone had whispered it in my ear.

Joy is your birthright. 

I’m sorry, what????

Like Kevin Costner in the middle of all that corn in Field of Dreams, something spoke to me.

If I’m being really honest, sometimes this happens. (I know…now things are getting goofy.) Usually, though, it’s a hunch or a feeling that stands out from all the other chatter.  I’ve learned to pay attention when this happens.  Those instincts have never led me astray.  But this, this crystal clear voice all full of knowing and wisdom, was different.

Joy is your birthright.

It startled me. And then it made me giggle.

I hope joy surprises you, too.

xo, with goodness and grace.