Time off is necessary.  NECESSARY.

At least once a year, I take a week off and don’t go anywhere. I love the idea of roaming my city. I love the idea of sleeping late and getting to enjoy all the places that have remained undiscovered to me throughout the year.

This time around, I also learned a few things that will also enhance my daily life:

  • You should have something to look forward to every day.  While I had enough time to be aimless, I made sure to plan something each day. From a simple dinner with a girlfriend to an epic night at a U2 concert (epic!), the anticipation of fun made each day an event.

This I don’t do enough of in my normal life.

Sometimes a leisurely lunch and glass of rosé in the middle of the afternoon is enough.


  • Coffee is a savior.  My friend insomnia did not take a break when I went on vacation, so when I was up at the crack of dawn, groggy and confused, coffee set me straight. I don’t love having to have something (dare I use the word addicted?), but I’ve surrendered. Coffee offers me the gift of wakefulness, of presence, so I am okay with that.


  • You cannot wake up with sunflowers in your apartment and not be happy.  End of story. Beauty is a springboard for happiness. Sometimes it is that simple.


  • Always leave room for unexpected treasures around the corner.  Because signs of love are everywhere.


What do you love about a staycation? I’d love to hear–post below.

xo, with goodness and grace.