I’d been cleaning out my closet, this first day of my summer staycation.  Inspired by a book I’m reading—The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo—I’d decided it was time to let go of some things.

It supports my mantra of late.  Let go of what doesn’t serve you.  More to come on that—another time, another post.

Exhausted and energized at the same time, I took a break to think about where I’d go for dinner.  I looked up a few restaurants and made a decision, then got up to straighten up the mess I’d made.

Suddenly I had an urge for something else.

Sun on my face, sand under my feet, surf sounds in my ears.

An hour later I had all three.


May your instinctive urges lead you to peaceful places of beauty this week.

xo, with goodness and grace.  Wish you were here…