Though you needed a break from your regular routine, when your friend suggested you meet her in the heart of Tuscany, at first you hesitate.

So many reasons not to go. You have obligations, you know.

And then you say yes.

After what seems like three years of travel, you are greeted by the hotel driver who will take you on the two-hour journey to the resort. You, exhausted from being up for practically two days straight, warn him you will most likely fall asleep. You say this because car rides tend to lull you to sleep.

It’s okay, Signora, he says. I know you must be ti-red.

You love the way Italians pronounce the last syllable of past tense words.

Your warning about falling asleep comes to fruition. Something about the rhythm of the road feels like being in the water, simply comforting.

The driver wakes you up. 

Signora. Welcome home. 

Stopped at the front gate of the resort, you are greeted with this.

And all is right in the world.

xo, with goodness and grace, from Toscana.