It’s the time of year when I become focused on the light.

This morning, sunlight awakened me. It flooded every inch of my apartment, illuminating even corners normally dark with shadows.  It shook me awake, saying, I won’t let you miss this. That light you seek, the light you are constantly chasing? This morning, it has come to you. It snuck up silently and made its way to you, resting for a moment on your shoulder.  So, pay attention.  

Of course, I grabbed my iPhone, anxious to capture the morning light in all its glory. And, of course, some things are not meant to be photographed. These moments of magic are elusive. They don’t want to be captured in a snapshot to be stowed away on some hard drive or in some book of photos long forgotten. They want to be savored, in the moment, as they are happening.

Sometimes paying attention is a prayer of sorts.

This time of year, I take nightly pilgrimages to a much-photographed spot in the city. It’s almost a cliche at this point.  But I go, and usually there are a handful of other light chasers waiting to catch the sunset. I’ve noticed the number of people increasing this year over past years. Maybe it’s some human instinct, to seek the light after long periods of darkness.

It’s been a tough few weeks for almost everyone I know, including myself, for all the reasons life can be hard.  Sick family members, long work days and short windows for play, relationships turned wrong.  But even in the midst of hardships, there’s something healing—restorative, even—about watching the sun set across a city scape.  In the backdrop of steel and concrete and hard angles, the softness of the sun can shift a bad day into one with an extraordinary ending.

I posted a picture from this place last week, but sunsets, like any moments in life, are always changing.  After a series of cloudy nights, we finally got an evening where the sun got to show off its full glory.


Let light find you this week.

xo, with goodness and grace.