Imagine escaping from normal life on one chilly and blustery spring day for a day trip. There’s a museum an hour away that used to house an old Nabisco box printing factory, but now is home to modern art, large scale and small. You need a beauty fix, and the pocket of stillness that falls alongside it.

This place is reliable in delivery of this.

Imagine walking through the msueum, charmed by the openness, the light, and the art, but then one thing catches your eyes and instantly brings forth a joyfulness, a fullness, within you. A wall of windows—stark and simple—is enchanting, not because of its design, but because of what is behind it.


This wall of pink, the cherry blossoms outside, leaves you enraptured. The sheer vibrance of color begins to breathe life into you, just as the blossoms usher in a season.

You cannot get enough of this vivid, luminous, flamboyant hue. You must go outside to see it for yourself.

It is a smaller version of what you imagine Japan to be like in the springtime.


Petals from the blossoms fall soundlessly from the trees and softly onto your head, as if they are christening you—and shepherding your towards a new season of your life.

It feels like magic.

Allow yourself to take in the beauty of spring, wherever you are. Allow it to permeate every cell of your insides.  Allow it to charm you—fully, forcefully, completely.

Allow it to make you feel alive.

xo, with goodness and grace.