You can spend hours, days, even years, looking for something to move you in the deepest part of your being, and it will elude you. Sometimes those things only find you when you let go.

There came a moment this week when I decided to stop searching. I was tired and anxious and stressed, and then there came a brief moment when I said, enough.

I decided to let joy find me.

A funny thing happens when you decide to give it all up and trust. The world doesn’t end, the lights don’t come crashing down, and the water supply doesn’t dry up. In the space after you surrender, there is calm.

Joy, I’ve realized, is not always a booming, thundering, galloping thing. Joy can be in the sweet stillness; it can be in a lyric you’ve sung a thousand times that never fails to hold truth for you; it can be in the familiar taste of a meal lovingly prepared.

Joy is just sitting there waiting to be discovered.

It’s in hidden corners of my favorite store—ABC Carpet & Home, my happy place—where spirit and grace and just footsteps away.



Such sweetness can creep in when you give up expectations.

This morning, I took my time getting out of bed, enjoying the beautiful moments that lay between sleep and wakefulness. As I began to get up, ready to start my day, I noticed the way the light shone on the building across the street. The unmistakable peach glow lit up the street, and I knew the sun was rising. I crawled to the edge of the bed and between two buildings I could see the sun peeking through. The spectrum of color in the sky ranged from blues and lavender to pink and amber. It was enchanting. I sat there for a few minutes and just took in the view, mesmerized.

And for those moments, all that existed was joy.

I hope you find that, too.

xo, with goodness and grace.