It was a snowy morning, the kind that makes you want to stay in bed all day.  I got up anyway, leaving the apartment at 5:30am for my “rooster” spinning class.

I’ve been bad about going to my early morning classes these past few weeks, inconsistent from a combination of work busy-ness and the temperature frequently dipping below 10 degrees. On this morning, though, I’d decided I needed to put myself back on the to-do list, mainly because I desperately needed an outlet for my stress.

This particular 6am class is normally sold out, but there were several open bikes. Probably because those people, smarter than me, decided to hibernate at home. I was the only person in the back row.

Normally the extra space wouldn’t bother me; I almost welcome it. But for some reason, though, it affected my energy and I wasn’t connecting with the class as I normally do.

Midway through class during the arm series,  the instructor walked around to check in with everyone.  She spotted me in the back.

“You guys, this is why we need to show up even when it’s cold and there’s a blizzard outside — we need each other! We’ve got only one person in the back row.  Give her some love!

The entire class whooped, hooted, and hollered in unison.

“Don’t worry—we got you!” 

To have 60 people cheer me on—this felt good.

We need each other.

I don’t acknowledge this nearly enough.  I’m independent; I take care of myself; I’m able to meet my own needs.  But support, even from people we don’t know, is crucial to our emotional well-being.

I think all we want in life is to have people who’ve “got” us.  Sometimes that’s all you need to turn it all around.

I hope you find community and people who’ve got you when you need it most this week.

xo, with goodness and grace.