I’m not gonna lie—in a string of difficult weeks, this was one of the toughest. All the reasons don’t matter. But added to that difficulty was the morning I left my apartment for work and the temperature read 2 degrees.

The extremes of this winter have been challenging, though I try to make peace with the season.

This morning, I decided to snuggle with pillows and hibernate.  I sat on my couch, ate breakfast, drank a cup of coffee, watched one of the Oscar-nominated movies. A perfect, lazy Sunday morning.  Then, the movie ended.  I listened to the silence.

Suddenly, I could feel it.

I could feel a shift in the air.  Spring, a calendar month away, seemed possible. Even though it snowed yesterday, and the temperature hovered near zero the day before, something felt different.  I hadn’t known that it was above 40 degrees today, but the promise of something new whispered in my ear.

This is what I remember: no matter how hard a moment is, it always passes. Though the temperature will drop, the winds will pick up, and surely the snow plows will be on the street yet again, easier times are around the corner.

May you find shifts in your life to help navigate your way through any difficulties you encounter this week.

xo, with goodness and grace.