Whenever my friends post photo albums from their vacations on their Facebook pages, I always wonder if they really think anyone really wants to see all of the fun they didn’t have.

But, I get it now.

I understand that when you find magic in the warm breezes that play with your hair, when you see beauty in shades of color you have never seen in person before, when the crest of an ocean wave rises proudly then tumbles to kiss your feet in the sand, you want to share all of that with the world.  You want your people to know that such graces actually do exist in life.

So, these pictures of paradise, otherwise known as Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

From the air…


…to the land…


…with respites in gardens…



…and in the sea…



…and under the palms.


How I knew this would be an incredible few days?  Upon arriving I walked into the main house on the resort, and I saw a most perfect sign of love.


Should you not find yourself in paradise this week, I hope you are able to find it in your heart.

xo, with goodness and grace.