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Change can be hard.

But change is necessary, and often wholly out of our control.  So, we have to go with it in the hope it will lead us to a place better than where we started.

This week, my office moved to a different part of town.  Change affects everyone differently, but this took us seriously out of our comfort zone.  For the most part, everyone was uncomfortable, unsettled and exhausted.

One day, drowning in work, I was sitting at my desk plowing through to make my deadlines.  Suddenly, there was  flurry of activity around me.  People were pointing towards the windows, scurrying to get their camera phones.  I looked up, then around to the window to see what was capturing everyone’s attention.

Out of the window was the most heavenly light.  The sun was setting, and magic hour had arrived.

Turns out, we’re all light chasers.


Magic is transformative.  Let it change you.

xo, with goodness and grace.

Sometimes you are on a road trip, sitting in the back seat of a car, absentmindedly snapping away on a camera phone trying to capture a good picture of the fall foliage.  But then the windows fog up and suddenly everything is blurry.

You keep taking pictures anyway.  The resulting photos are kind of magical, like something out of an Impressionist painting.



May unexpected magic find you this week.

xo, with goodness and grace.

An odd thing happened this week.  I felt happy.

Isn’t it funny how when you feel joy, for no reason at all, it unsettles you?  Every now and then I’d stop and think about the feeling I was having.  What is that?  Oh, this is what happiness feels like.

I wanted to grasp on to the feeling, but you know what happens when you do that?  The feeling goes away.  So, I allowed myself steep in a jovial state of mind. For as long as it wanted to stay, I would welcome it.

As I ran errands yesterday, I came upon the Flatiron Building, a place I’ve walked by hundreds of times in the years I’ve lived in New York City.  I’m fascinated by its architectural details and am always trying to find new ways to photograph it.   I took out my camera phone, and I began shooting straight up.  After a few frames, I noticed a spectrum showing up in the pictures.  I moved the camera away, then looked directly at the sky.

My heart lept.  My social media feeds are full of other people’s pictures of rainbows, but they have been elusive to me.  So to look up and see one, directly above me, seemed like a miracle.


I just smiled. I felt so happy.

xo, with goodness and grace.

Tonight I was lucky enough to see a talk with Carol Burnett, who was interviewed by Rosie O’Donnell.  It was a funny and inspirational conversation about creativity, show business and life.

While there were many hysterical stories, the one that resonated most was when she spoke about her daughter, who passed away from cancer.   When she was in the hospital, the nurses were floored by her daughter’s cheerful attitude and wanted to know why, in the face of a terminal illness, she managed to be so upbeat.

The answer was that she woke up every morning and decided to be in love with her life.   She decided to be in love with her life—it was her mantra.

What about you?

Can you decide?  In spite of everything you don’t want to do this week, everything that makes you crazy or gives you anxiety, can you?  In the face of not feeling good enough or smart enough or pretty enough, can you put all of that aside and decide to see things differently than you have?

Dare to decide.

xo, with goodness and grace.

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