You think life is funny sometimes.

For over a year, you’ve seen what you’ve called signs of love—hearts and words and things representing love.  You see them everywhere.  Sometimes you think of them as little gifts, beacons of hope when you need an emotional boost and validation when you are feeling joyful.  Other times you think you’ve gone slightly mad, giving such meaning to these silly hearts and those simple words, when maybe they don’t really mean anything at all.

One weekend you walk down the street on an overcast day, head foggy from fatigue and a combination of too few hours and too deep a sleep the past evening.  You’d been home all day because you thought you needed to decompress, to rest, but something in you needed to walk on this beautiful, breezy, almost-autumn day.

Because you are in a part of town you almost never visit, you don’t really know where to sit.  You pass by the bench close to the lady who looks like she could be chatty, then past the one next to the man sleeping.  Another bench looks like it’s in the perfect spot, but then you see a left behind pair of fancy flip flops, so you keep moving.

Finally, you choose a bench because it feels right, because you are in front of the river with two bridges on either side of you, because there you can drop into the pocket of stillness for which you came searching.

You settle in and take a deep breath, letting the stillness embrace you.  You absentmindedly look around, feeling everything but not really seeing anything. Then, something catches your eye.  It is a vibrant green, your favorite color.  It takes a moment for you to realize what it is, what it says.  And when you recognize it, finally, you are filled with awe.  And you are so moved, you begin to giggle.

Because, in the way life is unexplainable and mysterious and perfect, you were meant to sit on that very bench. Something was trying to make its way to you.


May love find you this week.

xo, with goodness and grace.