New Yorkers are romantics.  Underneath the hurried and sometimes gruff demeanor lies a deep appreciation for beauty and grace.

A perfect example is how so many New Yorkers flocked to see the sun setting on the west side of the city this week.  It shouldn’t be funny to me, but year after year it is, how at this time every year people take to the streets for Manhattanhenge, a phenomenon where the sun sets exactly on the grid of the city’s crosstown streets. People literally fling themselves into the middle of the roads, dodging traffic, so they can capture a photo of the centered sun.

Many of us live these insular lives in New York, ones where we sit in tiny apartments, not knowing our neighbors, far removed from the movement of life down on the streets below our windows. We can live these lives where the only people we see are the delivery men who bring us takeout meals because we are often too busy and frazzled to make our own food.

So it’s beautiful that so many left their apartments to sit and wait for an hour or two in anticipation of the most beautiful sunset of the year.

It makes me smile that a mass hysteria of sorts ensues because people want to see beauty.  It’s humbling to see such openness to receiving the light.


It’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it?  May your week be filled with beauty and light.

xo, with goodness and grace.