When the summer holidays hit New York City, all of the locals head out of town.

This is when I love my city most.

It’s these weekends where the pace slows down and I can more fully experience what I love about New York.  I can wander through less crowded streets, sidle up to the bar of normally packed restaurants, read outside in my less crowded neighborhood park.

And there’s time to meander through favorite through museums.  I went to the Whitney Museum – one of my favorites in the city – to check out their Biennial exhibit before it closed.

One piece in particular, called Let The Dream Write Itself by Lisa Anne Auerbach, caught my attention.  First, it was made of wool, which is not the usual medium for art found in a museum.  Then, there were sayings on it that rang true to me.  Art should make you think, and it should make you feel. Both happened when I looked at this.

And, I just thought it was cool.




I also love hearing from my friends about their holidays.  In our area, we’ve had the kinds of heavy rainstorms that come with spring, but there is always something beautiful to see afterwards – the glisten of raindrops on flowers, the green hue of tree leaves that seem so much brighter than before, the crystal blue skies that evoke hope.

My friend Sandy sent me this photograph she took on Long Island Sound after one of these storms.

Double Rainbow on Long Island Sound

I like to remember that on the other side of gray storms in our lives, there is often a beautiful, heavenly burst of color.

xo, with goodness and grace.