This was a good week.  Maybe it was the increasing daylight or nature springing to life all around me, but I felt good.  I felt full of energy, a sense of clarity, an innate contentment.

Dare I say, I felt happy.

I thought about this yesterday as I walked through the streets of my city, feeling the need to see some magic.   I walked over to the spot where I saw it a few weeks ago.

Yes.  Still there.


My magic fix intact, I ventured towards the subway, headed uptown for a little shopping.  I saw a blob of pink in front of the subway stairs.


Magic had followed me down the street, and it made smile.

Uptown a few subway stops, I walked around my happy place, ABC Carpet & Home and something stopped me in my tracks.  It was written in wire.


I am magic.  Clearly something was trying to get my attention.  I’ve been looking for magic in my life, and maybe it’s been with me all the time.  Maybe it’s what I am made of, as well as truth and beauty.

I hope you embrace the magic in you this week, wherever you are.

xo, with goodness and grace.