I decided this week would be good.

This was a week where I intended to see the good in everything.  And the week delivered.  These were days full of friends, flowers and food, with a little basketball thrown in for good measure.

Day 20:  Those of you who have followed this blog for some time know that I see signs of love everywhere.  I started seeing them last summer, though I do wonder if perhaps they were always there and I only recently opened my eyes—and my heart—to them.

One thing I’ve learned is that love is contagious.  My friends send me emails and texts with the signs of love they have seen.

I love this.  Sometimes self care is about letting other people show you the love.

Like this breakfast heart of coffee, from my friend Erica…

Erica's Coffee Heart

…and this wall of love from Corey.

Corey's Heart Wall

Signs of love are everywhere.

Day 21:  A bouquet of flowers is a beautiful way to brighten up a room.  For me, bouquet of flowers is pure happiness.

So I bought one.


Day 22:  Meeting up with a couple of my friends after work, we ate dinner at BondSt, an old standby for them though I’d never been.  We caught up…and laughed, and laughed.

Laughter is self care.

And the food was clean and delicious, like this hamachi dish.

Bond St's Hamachi

After dinner, we made our way to the art studio of an artist we all love, which happens to be in the basement of a wine store/event space in Tribeca.  We walked into the middle of a dinner party and passed by this chef—with the most adorable dimples—who was finishing off some Baked Alaskas with a blowtorch.

New York Vinters Party Baked Alaska

How cool is that?  One of the reasons why I love New York is that you never know where you are going to end up or what you are going to see.

Day 23:  Some nights, you just want some comfort food.  This was the day I needed a burger and fries.  (Okay, so I took off the bun, but it still did the trick.)

The Shake Shack, and their new fresh-cut french fries, never fails to comfort when the need for it comes calling.

Processed with VSCOcam

Day 24: Two words always make me a little giddy with anticipation—March Madness.  I’ve loved college basketball ever since I fell in deep love with my team when I was a freshman. We were terrible, but I loved going to the games anyway.

Ending the work week with some of the most exciting games I’ve seen in the last couple of years was perfect and exciting.  Doing what you love is self care.

Day 25:  Oh, the weather.  The East Coast, along with much of the country, suffered through a long cold and snowy winter.  Now spring has been ushered in with its unpredictable temperatures and lots of rain.

I’m doing my best to embrace the day, no matter what the weather forecast.  On this day, it rained steadily and turned out to be colder than forecast.  So I Mary Poppins’d it, pulled out a winter hat and gloves out of my bag, then bundled up and took myself on a very long walk.  The streets were fairly quiet, so I had the chance to walk and clear my head in solitude.

It was awesome.

Day in the Rain

Day 26:  March Madness continues—it was a weekend of nail-biting games—along with a lot of cooking, which is probably my favorite thing to do even though I don’t always make the time for it.   I’d planned to clean out my closet, but self care beckoned and it send me to the kitchen instead.  Cooking brings me back to myself.

More than halfway through my 40 Days of Self Care, I’m developing an appreciation for the act of deliberately doing something good for myself every day. Some days that good is as simple as a point of view, but that can be as filled with grace as any dinner out.

I hope you find the good for yourself in the coming week.

xo, with goodness and grace.