The words “I’m tired” have been on a constant loop in my head lately, as I try to fit so much life into each day.  (I usually end up failing miserably and, well, tired.)

Last night I went grocery shopping and began cooking as soon as I got home, forgetting completely about the tulips that I bought.  Once I remembered them, I cut the stems and put them in water.

They were limp, lifeless and lackluster, all of their bright pink heads lying on the table.  I went to bed, resigned to the fact that my neglect of the flowers meant for their untimely demise.

I awakened this morning and was greeted with flowers doing their normal tulip-y thing, simultaneously floppy and upright.  I felt unexpected joy on a Sunday morning.

Processed with VSCOcam

A reminder that sometimes all we need is a pool of water and some rest to recharge.  Here’s to a good week!

xo, with goodness and grace