I was walking around the cheese market when one of the store’s workers moved aside so I could continue walking down the aisle.

“Thank you,” I said, smiling at him.  “How are you today?”

He smiled back.  “I’m happy.”  I laughed at this unusual response.  “And you?”

“I’m good.  It’s a good day.”  And it was.  I’d just come from having breakfast in a restaurant I’d been wanting to try, and I had one of those delicious and leisurely meals where I could have sat at the bar all day.  Then I took a very long walk through my city, and though it was very cold—or perhaps because it was very cold—I felt wide awake and content.

He stopped for a moment, then began stocking the shelf.  “It IS a good day.  All things are good with love.”

This is how my day went yesterday.

As I walked through the city, I couldn’t help but smiling as I saw the love.  It was everywhere.

It was immediately in front of me when I left the restaurant in the single leaf that peeked through the snow on the sidewalk.

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It was in the sticker on a wall filled with graffiti and assorted flyers.

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It was in the store that I stopped in to dream of my future home in a far distant future.

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It was in the window of a restaurant that mesmerized me and stopped me and my footsteps.

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It all reminds me of that new book from Drew Barrymore, where she chronicles all of the hearts that have shown themselves to her over the years.  It’s aptly called “Find It in Everything.”  Because you can.

Love is in everything…and everywhere.  Where do you see it?