Holidays are full of lights and grace and magical moments.

But they are also triggers for our stuff, unearthing barely covered things just below the surface, as well as those long-buried deep in the soul.

I had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, very warm and low key days spent with my family and a welcome respite from the insanity of my normal life.  But by this morning, I could feel the chill starting to creep in, that vague melancholy that sneaks up and moves in to stay for a while if you don’t pay careful attention.

Ironically, soon after I recognized the forlorn feelings for what they were, I saw that one of my Facebook friends—a childhood neighbor from long ago—posted about how she’d seen so many sad posts today, acknowledging that so many people struggle this time of year.  She said that she had begun falling into sadness herself for her own reasons, but that she remembered.  She remembered who she was.  And she encouraged everyone to do the same.

Remember who you are! 

Funny how sometimes one little sentence can be enough to turn around an entire day.

Here is what I know I am indelibly: I am tougher than I appear. I often see magic in the ordinary. Music and movement and food and words have always been the superheroes in my life.

I danced and cooked and cycled my way through the rest of the day.

Now, I know sadness comes in many depths. It isn’t always easy to break out of a funk.  But sometimes remembering the power of who you are can be enough to get you to the next moment.

For this holiday season, I wish that for you—to recognize your own magnificence and beauty, to know the grace of fully owning who you are…and knowing that you are enough.  You are your own due north, and you are spectacular.

Happy holidays, everyone!

xo, with goodness and grace.