I woke up this morning thinking how lucky I am.

This is strange because I’m in the middle of quite possibly the most challenging work season of my career, at least in terms of the volume I need to get done. I’ve been starting my days early and ending them late, never quite sure if anything I did get done was good enough. The pact I made with myself earlier in the year, the one where I am to put my self care first above work and the needs of everyone else, is being challenged in a big way. The promises we make to ourselves get tested, I think, to see just how serious we are about our intentions.

But in the middle of all the stress and in the center of the anxiety and at the heart of these life school tests, I have discovered a new lens to look at life. My worldview has shifted. As I look out the window on this early morning, the sun hours away from presenting itself, I know that our days are made up of small beautiful moments that string together to create a life. I know that there is grace in the challenging and the confusing, just as much as in the blatently beautiful.

And that’s all because of this blog. Writing this chronicle, particularly this year, has changed me more than words can say. My intention was to celebrate the good things in life, which I admit sounds a bit like a bumper sticker slogan. That thought has deepened as I’ve awakened to the fact that it’s much bigger – and simpler – than that, that goodness really is everywhere and in everything.

It’s in the sunsets and the moonrises, mystical wonders of beauty that reliably show up, day after day.

It’s on the plate filled with food prepared by my mom, meant to nourish my body, but more often than not filling my soul. It’s in the wine glass filled with drink in the restaurant, carefully selected not only to pair perfectly with my meal, but also because the pourer knew I would like it.

It’s in the hearts and love phrases that I’m finding everywhere, offerings from a world full of joy just waiting to be experienced.

Goodness is everywhere. Grace shows up in the most perfect moments, always exactly when you need to look at something from a different perspective.

That you have chosen to witness all of this by showing up and reading these words, touches me. As Goodness, Grace and Grub celebrates year 4 of life, I celebrate all of you for taking this journey with me.

Here’s to the next year of celebration!

xo, with goodness and grace