Walking through Central Park on a beautifully clear and crisp fall day, I’d hoped to shake some of the restlessness I felt on a rare Monday off.  Walking helps me do that; it helps me clear the cobwebs of the dusty old to-do lists that clutter my mind.  It helps me work through whatever worry has wrapped its way around my thoughts.

There’s no more therapeutic place for me than Central Park.

Though I’d missed the peak of the visual symphony of autumn in the park this year, I was still charmed by its beauty.

And then I turned a corner and saw the biggest bubbles I’d ever seen in my life.  I was mesmerized.



Since I was a child, bubbles have never ceased to make me smile.  Such a simple thing still grounds me in joy.


And, there was the happiest little boy who was captivated by the bubble man’s magic.  He wholeheartedly embraced the joy of the moment, too.


What joyful magic made its way into your day?