In autumn, nature sets about letting go of everything it doesn’t need. I used to say that I hated fall because everything is on its way to dying – whereas spring is about birth! Life! Light! – but I’ve determined that it may be time to revisit that point of view.

Though I always know it’s coming, every year I find myself unprepared for the cooler temperatures, the trees that are ablaze with color in the parks, and the crunch of fallen leaves underneath my feet.

It’s all inevitable. The world turns and it gives us four seasons. Fall is beautiful and magical and romantic. And yet I fight it. Every year.

Perhaps it’s too close a reminder – a denial, even – of all the things that I hold onto in my own life that have overstayed their welcome. All the things that clutter my physical space. All the ideas of who I’m supposed to be that are outdated.

So this year, I’m embracing fall by clearing it all out. The seasons shift, and I suppose it may be time to surrender to that change. Nature is letting go, and so should I.

The most logical place to start is my home, which has morphed into a place where I lay my head at the end of the day, rather than my sanctuary. I’m hoping that cleaning out my closets will help me to release the mental clutter as well.

Years ago, when I first moved into my tiny studio apartment after a months-long renovation, the electrician put the finishing touches on the chandelier he’d just hung, he paused and looked around.

“This is a dream,” he said. “A small dream, but a beautiful dream.”

It’s time to reclaim the beauty and grace of that dream.