Today, I saw love everywhere.

It was in the cab I took after my early morning workout.  Normally I take the bus home, but I’d forgotten to fill my MetroCard.  As I sat in my seat, the cabbie asked me to please pay in cash.  This can be an annoying conversation—cab drivers rarely want riders to use a credit card because they lose money on the transactions—but there was something joyful about him so I agreed.

He proceeded to ask about the details of my life, from where I lived to what I did for a living.  It was an unexpectedly lively and deeply personal conversation for 7am. When we reached my apartment, I paid him.  As I began to get out of the car, he turned around, looked me in the eye and said, “Sweetheart, I love you.”

It made me giggle.  It also made my day.

Love is joyful.

It was on the subway platform in the midst of the morning commute.  Two young women in their 20s were intertwined in a passionate encounter, oblivious to the passerby around them.  I laughed to myself thinking in front of me was the dream of so many men to witness such a dalliance, but almost no one seemed to notice. As I sat on my subway car waiting for the train’s door to close, I realized their fervor for each other didn’t seem at all sordid.

Rather, it was love in full bloom.  It was the kind of love we all hope finds us.

Love is exhilarating.

It across from Grand Central Terminal where two friends held each other held each other close.  Not knowing their story, I made it up as I walked by.  One had a broken heart; one offered loving support as only a very close friend can.

Love is comforting.

It was on the street on my walk home.  A family—a mother, a father, and an adult daughter—walked three across, all holding hands.  They didn’t converse, but their body language spoke volumes: a tight knit, close family unit who walked together, firmly bonded in the solidarity of love.

Love is enduring.

Love is everywhere.  Where was it for you today?