There are days when it feels like grace won’t find you.

These are days when it feels like good things are happening for everyone but you. When everyone has exactly what you want, even though you never knew you wanted them before they showed up in front of you, taunting you with their charm. When there’s a hunger so deep that it seems like nothing will ever satisfy it.

There is a squirrel playing high above the ground in the tree next to me as I sit writing from a park bench; he’s probably searching for acorns that he’ll stow away. Fall is approaching on the tail end of each breeze, its presence almost insistent even though the calendar still reads as summer. The lamp posts are already on, even though they lit up a full hour later just a few weeks ago.

Transitions come, naturally occurring miracles in each day. Possibly, it’s the transitions we need to trust, in all of their natural glory, instead of relying on what we think we need. Maybe, it’s the natural flow that we should allow in our lives, instead of fighting what is right in front of us. Likely, what we have is exactly what we need.

Perhaps that is grace.