At the end of my life when I ask “What have I done?” one final time, I want to answer: I have done love.                          – Jennifer Pastiloff

This month of grace and gratitude has been downright revolutionary in my life.

Little did I know that the commitment of having to write about my most grateful moment of the day would force me to pay attention to each as they unfolded. Small moments were elevated into the sacred, and all were opportunities to see how connected we all are.

I also wrote notes of gratitude throughout the month.  To sit and express how much someone meant to me, that was life changing.  At first I felt self-conscious about it (because who does that??), but now it feels natural.  Some notes were to people I’ve known for ages; others, to people I don’t know very well at all. Regardless, all sentiments came from a place of love.  I’ve learned not to leave love unsaid.

Love matters.

Almost every time I acted on an instinct to reach out to someone with a note of gratitude, the person responded by saying how much they needed to read the words I’d sent.  I’ve learned that instincts are holy, that they are messages from some unknown place.  I’ve learned that when you think of someone, when you think to reach out to someone, do it—it matters.  Love makes a difference.

What was completely unexpected were the sentiments that were sent back to me from people I reached out to.

“I get the feeling of home when I’m with you.”

“You are a special person.”

“I feel like you’re a kindred spirit.”

I have been deeply moved by the love that has come my way.  Acts of love are mirrored by other acts of love.

Love is what matters.

And to all of you, my dear readers, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the words on this blog.  That you spend precious moments to read what I’ve written touches me more than you know.

I am grateful for you and the grace you show every time you visit this page. Sending each of you love and gratitude—may we share many more moments of goodness. xo