Before today, I hadn’t had a cup of coffee in over two months.  I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine rush; I drink it because I love the taste.  With soy milk and a sprinkling of sugar, it is soul satisfying.

I missed it.

So during my midday walk away from the office, I decided to treat myself.  I went to Starbucks and got a grande iced coffee.  It tasted good.

Almost as soon as I got back to my desk with my drink, I knocked it over.  The cup hit the desk, along with it the whoosh of the liquid streaming over my files and the clanging of ice on my supplies.

A voice on the other side of my cubicle wall said, “Don’t worry, I got you.”  My neighbor Sarah came over with a stack of napkins.

“I heard a scattering of ice, and I knew it wasn’t good,” she said.  She stood by to make sure I had everything I needed to clean the mess up.

Such a small gesture of kindness, but it made me feel looked after.  I got you.  

That is grace.