Today was the first day in this month that I sat down to my computer and had no idea what I was grateful for.

There were no howling thunderstorms followed by double rainbows.  No bite of food that transported me to another place and time.  No flirty glances that made me giggle and feel the depths of my feminine self.  No moments of riotous laughter that made my face hurt.

It was not a bad day.  It was, in fact, a perfectly fine day.  But it was a day where I didn’t feel particularly connected to anything or anyone. It was a day that just was.

In the hopes of remembering something spectacular to write about, I took a moment, closed my eyes and just breathed.  A deep breath to focus on nothing in particular, except for the goodness of being alive.

I breathed in and I relaxed.  For today, having the space to just be would have to be enough.

Then, I realized the privilege to just be is the grace of everyday.  And for that, I am grateful.