A relaxing weekend turned into an insanely hectic Monday.

Happily, that morphed into a lively night out in celebration of a friend’s birthday.

Like life, it was layered with an abundance of sentiments.

The wonder of grown people with serious professions enjoying playing dress up as much as preschoolers.  Wistfulness for a friend going through a hard time. The giddiness of riotous laughter that can only come from a group of people who know each other well.  The surprise of an unexpected deep conversation with a new friend I’m just getting to know that culminated with the kind of full-bodied hug that you didn’t know you needed until you received it.

It was the kind of evening that ended with my face hurting from so much laughter.

And when two Elmos join in, it was the sort of amusement that even they would be grateful for.