Today was a perfect city summer day.

Today I found myself wistful, feeling the breezes of the impending fall in the air, but then I remembered to pull myself back into the moment.  Days like this call us to be present so we can appreciate their beauty.

Today I started the day early, meeting my parents for breakfast.  It is our Saturday ritual that starts with good food and ends with a long meandering walk through the downtown streets.  I always walk away from these routine visits feeling loved and supported.  It is what I wish for everyone.

Today I walked almost 60 blocks back home, taking in the Summer Streets that has become an August ritual.  Park Avenue shuts down on Saturday morning and becomes a celebration of the season, with bicyclists, joggers and walkers hitting the streets with unabashed abandon.  The walk made me feel alive.

Today I got a manicure, a favorite act of grooming that I’d neglected for the last few crazy weeks.  Happily, my favorite manicurist worked with me, so quiet and meticulous in her work.  And I discovered the perfect red nail polish for me, OPI’s “Just A Little Rösti At This.”

Today I took myself on a dinner date at my favorite restaurant, where I got to experience beautiful new dishes, catch up with my culinary comrades and get up to date on my reading list.  The meal ended with a sweet offering of a bowl filled with colorful M&Ms.  I contemplated snapping a picture to share here, but I wanted to remember how the gesture made me feel, so I put the camera phone away and happily munched on a childhood favorite snack.

Today I was present for the simple pleasures and magical moments of another ordinary summer New York City day.  And it was lovely.