As carefree as last week was, this week was full of stress.

Where I was blossoming with love—I felt like the love fairy…spreading love dust everywhere!—the last few days found me sprinkling my crankiness all around.  I needed something to flip my emotional switch.

So, with a summer Friday off, I took to the bike.

I am not the girl who follows the trends—often it’s just the opposite.  If everyone wants to do it, I want no parts of it.  SoulCycle fell into that category.  The more everyone preached the “soul” gospel, the less I was interested in trying it.

And then I did.

It’s been pretty revolutionary in my life.  As I work out my body, my mind gets cleared of all the gunk.  I emerge calmer, more focused and, dare I say, happier.

What do I love about it?

The walls are peppered with inspiration.

Soul Cycle Inspiration_2

Each of the instructors are part cycling coach, part life guru.

Turn your resistance up more, to the point where you think you cannot ride anymore. Do this for 20 seconds.  Just 20 seconds of your life.  Now you know that you can do what you think you cannot.  

Music helps get you through the difficult parts of the class, along with words of wisdom.

If you have a hill in your life, practice how climb it in here, on this bike.

The grace of 45 minutes to spin, to channel my angst into something productive, to push myself beyond what I could do yesterday, this is what fills me with gratitude today.

I hope you live your life like you ride your bike.