It’s funny how when you show up in the world as open-eyed and present, signs begin appearing everywhere.

Today was all about kindness.  Everywhere I turned, there was the word.  It showed up in newsletters and in my Twitter feed.  At least four of my Facebook friends posted a link to this commencement speech, all about kindness.  It is inspiringly beautiful.

Being present is teaching me how amazing the world is, as much as that word is overused.  But I feel awe of the loveliness—and kindness—that is all around us.

Feeling under the weather this morning, I pulled it together and went to work.  As I worked at my desk, I realized that I really needed to take care of myself.  And instead of plowing through the day, as I normally would, I listened to my body and did the kindest thing I could for myself.  I shut down my computer and I went home.

In being open to the signs of kindness, today I learned to be kind to myself.  And that is the day’s grace.