The very center of your heart is where life begins.  The most beautiful place on earth.

— Rumi

My nephew was in town visiting last week.  One day as we were hanging out, he picked up my phone and began looking through my pictures.  He marveled at how many there were, and then he took a moment, his nine-year-old mind formulating an unfiltered thought.

“Your pictures are all of FOOD.”

Well, that’s not entirely true.  My cameraphone has photos of landscapes and things that I have found beautiful.

Of course, those are interspersed between lots and lots and lots (and, did I mention there are lots?) of pictures of the meals I’ve eaten.

I justify this by saying how much I love food—it was my first love as a child and has been my constant companion and source of joy throughout my life.  I love food; therefore, I photograph.

As I thought about his observation, it triggered a therapy session in my head.  Where are the pictures of people in my life?  Why is it that I have no chronicle of the fun nights and giggle-filled days?

The truth is life is inherently personal. And somehow, I’ve veered off course in the last few years, focusing on tasks and chores and things on the to-do list, then seeking solace in objects, clothes and, yes, food.

I’m looking to embrace the people in my life a little more.  I’m looking, in reference Rumi in the quote above, to live from the very center of my heart.  I’m looking to make life a little more personal.

In a beautiful text this week, my friend Sandy implored me to “show up and be seen.”  So, in an unguarded moment and an attempt to begin to peel back the layers, here is a moment of joy from last week.  An actual people picture.  A selfie of me and my favorite boy.

Me and the Boy

Personal and full of grace. XO