I am a moon chaser.

Moonlight stops me in my tracks, always asking me to pause and focus on the moment that it offers, in all of its ethereal, enchanted, supernatural beauty.  It’s a moment that has to be experienced in person, though the urge to hold onto it is great.  It jut cannot be adequately captured in a photograph.

Though, I always try.

Two nights ago on a long walk after a long day at work, there it was, just shy of full and high in the sky. It peeked through the clouds just long enough to show off its heavenly light.



Last night, I sought out the moon, and it didn’t disappoint me.  It greeted me on my walk home—massive and mystical and mysterious.



And tonight, finally at the peak of its fullness—and at the pinnacle of enormity—it was powerful and intense and spellbinding.


Moonlight brings forth the romantic in me, all full of dreams and hope. By chasing the moon, I dance with possibility and wishes come true.  It helps to light my way home.

Your turn…make a wish.

xo, with goodness and grace.