Fall has always been my sad season. The slower pace of July and August gives way to busier, more hectic days. Nature’s life cycle begins to come to an end.

I’ve always preferred the newness of spring and the heat of the summer.

This year, for some reason, I found myself charmed by the signs of autumn everywhere.  Shades of auburn dominate the trees and bushes, lending a cozy feel to the atmosphere.  The air smells of a pungent earthiness, and its chill feels welcome on my skin.

Walking through Central Park, I felt awe at all of the beauty around me.  It was as if I’d forgotten what I hadn’t liked about this time of year. I suddenly discovered a new appreciation for the season.

It felt intoxicatingly magical.

Of course, the angels are always looking out for us, no matter what the season.

Wherever you live, go outside, look around and take in the beauty around you.