In watching all of the devastation left on the East Coast from Hurricane Sandy, I’ve tried to find the grace that it presents to us. For me, it’s being able to appreciate the simpler aspects of life.

Electricity. An intact roof and a dry, warm place to sleep. Hot water. Food in the refrigerator.

I find myself grateful to have all of these things when so many people in my city do not. I understand how lucky I am.

I’ve also found an appreciation for the small moments that exist when the chaos of everyday life is stripped down. If I was to find a grace in this storm, it would be time away from daily obligations. I couldn’t go grocery shopping; I couldn’t go to the cleaners; I couldn’t do any of the normal chores that clutter our hours.  Like snow days from my youth, the storm gifted me with two days to just be.

I know that makes some people stir crazy, but I found it heavenly.  And that is a blessing of grace.

Wishing merciful grace to everyone affected by the storm.  For ways to help, click here and visit the Red Cross website.