For me, summer is about reading good books outside under the trees. Hot sweaty days. Relief in front of the air conditioner. Dreaming about beaches when I’m too busy to get out of the office. Ice cream dripping all over the cone and down my hand.

And peaches.

Promise me something. You’ll buy them from a farmer’s market. Grocery store peaches – bred for a long shelf life…and rock hard – just won’t do. Peaches straight from the farmer are like a ray of sweet edible sunshine. They smell different.  They taste, well, peachier.

Peach season makes me giddy.

Now that summer is almost over, sadly, so is peach season. But, you can find that one farm stand with a few holdovers determined to welcome the apples into the season.

When I find the last of the bunch, it gives me an excuse to make my favorite recipe. It couldn’t be simpler.

Take one peach.

Then chop it up.

Introduce the peach to its new friends, creme fraiche and brown sugar.  In case it’s a new friend to you, too, creme fraiche is a cultured cream, silky and delicately refined in taste. If you can’t find it, its more tangy cousin sour cream will work as well.

Take one tablespoon of the creme fraiche and two teaspoons of the brown sugar…

…and stir it all together.

It couldn’t be simpler.

I found a version of this recipe on the genius website Food 52 and became obsessed with it.

Try it and I dare you not to become obsessed with it, too. Though you may need to wait until peach season makes its way around again.

Food 52;