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Today is Leap Day, which led me to think about the concept of taking a leap.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  When do you play it safe, and when is a leap of faith warranted?

I look back on my last post, which I wrote as the new year dawned, and laugh when I see my proclamation to write at least once a week.  Life gets in the way when you make big plans, and sometimes you get thrown off course.  The best laid plans get tossed aside, making room for something you never expected.

Like the inevitable spring that is sure to come, I can sense that a risk is around the corner for me.  There are many roads that I can take, but I know down each path lies something interesting and life changing.

I look forward to mapping out the direction on this blog, whether or not is once a week.

Happy February 29th!

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