The end of the year is cause for celebration – a time to reflect on what was good, and what should never be repeated, from the 365 days past.

Naturally, celebration for me generally means good food.  Case in point, salmon roe with chives and creme fraiche on top of blinis.

That is a fantastic accompaniment to any festive occasion.

Of course, there are ends to some years that deserve a heightened sense of occasion, if for no other reason than to forsake the badness of the old for the goodness of the new.

This December 31 certainly warranted a more luxurious way to ring in the new. So, I started the celebration a day early.  And I splurged a bit.

Caviar is certainly an indulgence, but being able to buy a small amount makes it more accessible.  The folks at Petrossian are great in helping you find the highest quality for the smallest price point.  And something simple like an accompanying twice-baked potato with truffle butter and parmesan cheese help to extend the decadence.

I’m betting on 2012 to be a spectacular year.  May your New Year’s Eve celebration bring you nothing but goodness and grace – and an abundance of good grub.

Petrossian, 911 Seventh Ave, New York, NY 10019, 212.245.2217