The Apple Fritter at Flex Donuts

So.  Here’s the thing.

I really didn’t mean to take a bite out of this before I took this picture.

Actually, I didn’t know that I wanted to take a picture of this apple fritter before I took the bite.  But it was so transformative that I wanted to share.

The picture, not the apple fritter. You’ll need to go and get your own.

I’d been looking around at the food court in Grand Central Station – actually it’s called the Dining Concourse, but really it’s a food court with some trains tucked away on the periphery – and stumbled on the Flex Donut window in the Zocalo space.  The donuts caught my eye, but I kept walking.  The apple fritter began flashing in my mind, so I doubled back.  Thank goodness for second chances.

While the fritter has a good heft to it, it was actually fairly light to the bite.  The first bite was sticky, cakey, sweet and a hint of salty all in one.  The Granny Smith apple chunks were tart and sweet all at the same time, with an underlying booziness in the background.  (Or, I could have been “drunk” with deliciousness.)

Flex Donuts pop up store is only open until December 30, so if you are passing through or catching a train before the year is through, have a try for yourself.

Flex Donuts, at Zocalo in the Lower Level Dining Concourse at Grand Central Terminal.