Today, though a day off, was a day where I didn’t want to move from underneath my down comforter.  So I stayed cocooned under it for most of the day.  Feeling slightly under the weather and cold from the drafts coming from my window, I felt no need to venture outdoors.

The problem was that I didn’t have much food in the fridge. Which, whether  you’ve been reading this blog for a day or for years, you know is an EPIC problem.

Luckily, food delivery exists.  And what makes it even easier is using the Seamless website, which makes virtually every restaurant that delivers in my area just a few strokes of the keyboard away.  All I had to do was choose the restaurant, make my selections from the menu, and enter a credit card.  The end of tummy rumblings was just a half hour away.

If you want to spoon with your covers too, visit the website.  The service is available in several US cities – and London too!

Now if I could only figure out how to answer the door without getting out of bed.  That would be goodness to the max!