Lazy Sundays

The best days are the ones when you have the freedom to go wherever the day takes you.

Sundays are that kind of day.

Today I:

  • Slept late
  • Indulged in my highly anticipated Sunday breakfast ritual of coffee and a chocolate croissant
  • Leisurely watched my favorite Sunday morning shows, including CBS Sunday Morning and a sampling of political programs
  • Took my time reading the New York Times
  • Snuggled under a luxuriously warm faux fur blanket and caught up on the DVR
  • Listened to Christmas music as I made a fabulously healthy dinner that included a mixture of my favorite winter greens
  • Ate as much chocolate as made me happy
  • Chose my sparkly outfit for a holiday party tomorrow night

Basically, it was a lazy day with a whole lotta nothing, except exactly what I wanted to do.

I wish that goodness for everyone, for at least one day a week.