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Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Few things are more comforting that a pot of warm, melted cheese.  Add some spinach, artichokes and onions (then brown it under a broiler for a golden brown crust), and suddenly it’s easy to believe that you have a healthy, waist-friendly snack.


Okay, maybe waist-friendly is a bit of an exaggeration.  But my taste buds were dancing with joy.  This spinach & artichoke dip comes from Penelope in the Murray Hill section of midtown Manhattan.  Stop by and try some  – and many other delicious dishes – next time you are in the neighborhood.

Penelope, 159 Lexington Avenue at 30th Street, NYC, (212) 481-3800

Morning Coffee

Coffee is a very personal thing.  In the age of Starbucks, that morning cup of joe can be customized any number of ways.

Since personalization can be expensive, I started making coffee at home.  And because I have an amazingly awesome nutritionist, I’m encouraged to use half & half as a creamer.

Enter my new favorite thing: Organic Valley Half & Half.  I’m in love with the flavored versions.



With a splash of French Vanilla or Hazelnut, my morning routine is elevated to new heights.   Not cloyingly sweet or weirdly flavored, it’s just good.

It’s a joyful way to start the day.

To find where Organic Valley is sold in your area, visit

Christmas Decorating

Tonight I began the ritual of decorating for the holidays.  It always makes me smile.

This year, I have two trees.  But this being New York City, where space is at a premium, my trees are small and fit on top of a table.  This tinsel tree is decked out in pink lights, and its ornaments complement the pastel theme.

And yes, those are the letters of my name.  No matter how old I get, I still have that thrill of seeing my name spelled out.  It’s a remnant from childhood of having an unusual name and never being able to find it on any souvenir.

The vase filled with lights was a trick I picked up on a decorating show, and it adds a festive flair any time of the year.

Tree #2, a live Fraser Fir, is still a work in progress.  I can’t wait to put my presents under it.  ‘Tis the season!

Days of Beauty

Our stretch of warmer weather on the East Coast these past few days may not be technically be an “Indian Summer” – generally above 70 degrees and occurring after the first frost – but it has felt fantastic on already enjoyable holiday weekend.

Central Park was beautifully welcoming and hospitable.

No matter where you are, let the beauty of nature envelope you.

This blog was begun with the simple idea of looking at the good things in life. Everyday pleasures bring joy and hope – or simply offer a reason to pay attention to the beauty that is everywhere.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Goodness, Grace and Grub.  Life isn’t always easy, but I’m thankful for this outlet that inspires me to look around and treasure the good, the gracious and the grub-tastic.

To celebrate this anniversary, tomorrow will kick off 30 Days of Goodness – posts of the good things in life for 30 straight days.  This is a time of year that is so full of promise, light and laughter, so there couldn’t be a more perfect time to celebrate the spectacular.

I’m excited to chronicle all of it over the next 30 days, and I hope it inspires you to think about the goodness in your life.  Here’s to goodness!

Autumn has always been my iffy season, with the time change and falling leaves catalysts for an ever-changing mood.  I have always taken notice of the impressionistic beauty of the altered landscapes, but it doesn’t bring me the joy that the new life of spring does.

This year, however, I’ve had a shift.  Something about the majestic pageantry has flipped a switch in my appreciation for the season.  The last two weeks in particular have resonated.

It is like fall has set New York City on fire with rays of sunshine.

The golden corridors of trees may only be temporary, but they urge us to stop and take notice.  So, I did.

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