This year for my birthday, all I wanted was a moment of peace and quiet.

So, I gave myself a full day.   It began something like this:

When you live in a metropolitan city, sometimes you need to flee just to maintain your sanity.  I escaped to Montauk.  About three hours outside of New York City, Montauk is on the edge of Long Island and the more laid back sibling to the tony Hamptons.  The beach offered a respite from my city life.

Afterwards, I checked into my room at The Surf Lodge.  It was very cool.

The room was small, but chic…

…with modern touches throughout the space…

…a chair in here…

…and a chair out there…

…they offered a welcome opportunity to take a load off.

Every room sits on the edge of Fort Pond, and mine was no exception.

Venturing outside and exploring later, I discovered little nooks of fun on the property.

Now, The Surf Lodge is supposed to be quite the party scene, the place to hang out in Montauk.  But on this day, it was mellow and peaceful, for which I was very, very grateful.

My gratitude led me to settle in to some cucumber water and a glass of wine…

…and I took in the view in front of me…

…and to the left of me.

The sky was mostly cloudy, with mist off the water lending a mystical air to the day.  The view was at times breathtaking.

It also made me hungry.  But what else is new?

Perfectly seared scallops with crispy garlic chips and pickled shallots brought me joy.

I consider myself a lobster roll aficionado, and this was quite possibly the best one I’ve ever had.  The lobster was simply prepared…and poached in butter.  The fries weren’t bad either.

A tart but sweet key lime pie topped it all off.

After dinner, I ordered a nice chilly glass of rosé and planted myself on a strategically placed chair to take in the view of the water.  The sun made an appearance after being absent all day, and it blessed those of us on the deck with a sunset.  It wasn’t fairy tale perfect, but it was beautiful.

After the sunset and a few more glasses of wine than I was used to drinking, I was pooped and turned in for the night.

The next morning, I woke up to this.

A view of the Pond and a hammock calling my name.  So I got in.

The Surf Lodge,