After 40 years and 11 months, I find myself at a crossroads.  It is difficult to give it a name or explain exactly what I mean, except to say that something needs reworking.  I don’t know what  – maybe some small tweak, or maybe everything – but the feeling that I’m wearing a sweater a few sizes too small and just need to get it off, and now, has permeated every day life.  Nothing has happened to indicate this fork in the road, but for an instinct – a knowing – that something more is ahead of me.  Something more fulfilling, more gratifying, more rewarding.

It’s that time of year when everything seems to be ending, and yet so much is beginning.  School is out for some, opening the door for long, endless days of summer fun.  Season finales have peaked on television, freeing up time for other pleasures in life.  Oprah may be done with her show, but the daylight is long and promising.

So I look at my crossroads not as the end of something, but the beginning of the life that is waiting for me.  I just need to walk over the bridge to see the possibilities to come.

I look on the journey ahead of me as something sacred and exciting.  I hope you’ll travel with me on this adventure.   Maybe it will even inspire you on yours.