Chaos has cluttered life recently, which seems to have settled in at a galactically hectic pace.  Too much to do, too much to be, too many things to see.

It’s been challenging to find my center or a space of calm.

Added to the chaos is the fact that New York City has turned into the rainforest.  It has rained for days on end.   And not sweet spring showers, but monsoon-like, depressing storms with dark, threatening clouds.

But, breaking through the chaos clutter are small but significant moments of grace.  The moments that transform you into another realm.

Today I decided to take a break from my lengthy to-do list and have a day dedicated to me.  It was the kind of slower paced day that restores the soul.  Brunch, followed by a long walk through the city, led me to my couch and a rare late afternoon nap.   I awakened and looked out the window to see a gentle rain, falling softly and soundlessly.  The sky was not dark and threatening, but bright and partly blue.  It was the kind of blue that makes you feel hopeful.  It lulled me into calmness, and, finally, I could exhale.

Of course today’s grace was followed by the most delicious falafel sandwich ever, but I digress.   (Though, it really did rock my world.)

Transformative moments can catch you by surprise.  Simply let them envelope you.