Today I got pushed.

Not pushed in love or pushed to do something crazy like, say, skydiving.  Nope. Just pushed.

It wasn’t a gentle tap or an accidental hit.  It was a startling, full-on, “get outta my way, lady” shove by a man on a mission.  Welcome to New York.

Needless to say, I need some pampering.

Now, I’m a believer that a hot shower at the end of a bad day makes everything better.  It helps to wash the badness away to let in the goodness.  Luckily after my shower tonight, I remembered just the thing that would offer warm comfort after the big bad wolf huffed and puffed.

Sweet Milk Cologne by Jo Malone is part of the limited edition Tea Fragrance Collection.

Now, I’ve been told that the fragrance is controversial – polarizing, if you will – in that people either love it or hate it.  There are others in the collection that may be more pleasing to your smell senses.  But after I first smelled Sweet Milk, I immediately fell in love.  With notes of vanilla and almond, it evokes a soft embrace in a spritz.  It’s Mom in a bottle after the boo-boo.

I feel better already.  Now, I’m off to snuggle with myself.

Jo Malone Sweet Milk Cologne, $55,