Sunday morning allows for time to move at a slower pace than the rest of the week without guilt, far removed from the obligations of the week behind us.   It is a great excuse to kick off a lazy day after a long week of work and things that needed to be done.  On Sunday, you can shake off your cranky bits and simply enjoy small pleasures.

My favorite way to honor Sunday morning is to sleep in, watch CBS Sunday Morning (with its simple yet in-depth storytelling free of the distracting graphics and noise of other news programs) under the covers and then take my time to make an indulgent breakfast that takes longer than a few minutes to cook.

Fried eggs cooked over-well and sprinkled generously with Tabasco sauce, home fries – so simple to make, but absolutely delicious – and mini biscuits filled my tummy on this cold spring morning.  Breakfast in bed coupled with the New York Times completed this ideal and relaxing morning.

This Sunday morning is the perfect kickstart for the week ahead.